4 point home inspection tampa

Anytime you have a home inspected; your inspector will look at the structures and systems that make the house what it is. Naturally, he’ll watch the wood buildings, like floors, walls, gates, and windows.

More and more, first time home buyers are looking for new homes rather than those that have been broken by previous homeowners. While it has always been one of those, “Well, it would be good,” types of things, is quickly becoming a necessity in the minds of many buyers. Of course, you are always taking a chance when you buy something that no one has lived in. You have no previous recommendations, for example. But when it comes to shopping, the inspection process remains about the same. One benefit is that you will not have to worry about someone else’s furniture changing the way you feel about a place. Here is the top 4 point home inspection system to consider when navigating.

The structure

If you ignore everything else in the article, do not ignore this part. New homes should be well built and meet current building code standards, but you never know until you start calling. Look at the walls, the doors, and the windows. These will give you a quick reference point to see if everything has been constructed correctly. Go to the second floor (if applicable) and jump up and down on the floor. Do you feel like you could fall? These little tests can tell a lot about construction.

Plumbing fixtures

Pay close attention to plumbing fixtures as you make your way. While it is true that they can be replaced, you never want to look at new homes with the idea of, “Well, we can always fix that later,” unless you are on a strict budget and are in the market for a repair- Higher. Usually, however, a house that has just been built should not fall into that category.


This is a bit different from “structure.” It’s not that important, but it’s worth inspecting. Check out the little details. The more you know about what goes into building a home, the better you will be able to make some trial calls in this area. Look at the tile in the kitchen and bathroom. Look at the paint job. If you begin to see signs of hasty execution, understand that if it is visible to you, there may be other indications of poor work that are not.


No one wants to have problems with the air conditioning system before it is even installed in. Make sure that all rooms remain evenly cool (or hot, for that matter) and that the system is doing the job well.


Unless you are an experienced electrician, you will not be able to inspect the wiring in new homes, but at least you can make sure there are a lot of outlets, and they are in places that make sense.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to a home’s structures. That’s why it’s so important to have a home inspection and wind mitigation inspection done before you buy or sell a home to determine the condition of those structures and point the way to correcting any problems that can be dealt with.


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