Understanding Your Home Inspection

Explain what a home inspection is?

A: home inspection is performed by a licensed inspector and includes a comprehensive visual exam of the systems and structure of a property. It covers the home in its entirety from the roof down to the foundation. When a home receives a home inspection, it is similar to getting a complete physical check-up. Any symptoms or problems which arise will be responded to by suggestions made by the inspector.

What is covered in the inspection?

A: A comprehensive home inspection includes every aspect of the home from the roof to the home’s foundation.

Areas Covered in an Inspection Include:

  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Attic
  • Foundation
  • Gutters
  • Roof & Flashings
  • Siding and trim
  • Retaining walls
  • Grading
  • Ceilings
  • Walks and driveways
  • Doors and windows
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Major appliances
  • Fireplace
  • Chimney
  • Water heater
  • Electrical systems
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing

Why is a home inspection necessary?

A: Since purchasing a home is one of the largest investments you are likely to ever make, it is important to find out as much as you can about the present condition of the home. This allows you to determine the need for any major repairs prior to purchasing. A home inspection can also pinpoint the positive features in your home and can provide insight into the maintenance that is needed to keep it in the best condition.

Q. What is the best way to select a home inspector?

A: Contact them and inquire about their past experiences and credentials. It is important to feel that an inspector is attentive to your needs and fully qualified to complete their job efficiently.

Q. Is it possible to uncover every problem in a home inspection?

A: The home inspection has inherent limitations in that it is restricted to a visual inspection of the property. Inspectors do not open walls or ceilings or do any damage to the property. Any problem not visible to the naked eye will not be included in a basic home inspection.

Q. What is the price of an inspection?

A: The price will vary in accordance with the size of the home. A larger home will likely command a larger fee however the price should not be a final determining factor when choosing your home inspection company.

Q. Can a handyman, family member or contractor do the inspection?

A: Only a trained professional can provide you with the thorough inspection you need to have complete peace of mind prior to purchasing the property.

Q. Is it possible for a home to not pass the inspection?

A: The answer is simply no. A home inspection simply provides an accurate analysis of the current condition of the home. It is not to be confused with an appraisal or municipal inspection so there is no pass or fail.

Q. What is the best time to contact the inspector?

A: Once the purchase agreement or contract is signed, the inspector will typically be contacted right away with the report becoming available in a few days. It is important to ensure that there is an inspection clause included in the contract prior to signing which lays out the terms of obligation for both the seller and the buyer.

Q. Is it necessary to be present during the inspection?

A: It is recommended to be present during the inspection but it is not necessary. As you walk through the home with the inspector, you will have the opportunity to observe, ask questions, and learn more about the house’s condition.

Q. What happens if problems are revealed in the report?

A: Any house can have potential problems and if issues are revealed during the inspection, this does not mean that the house should not be purchased. Concessions may be made by the seller such as an adjustment in the purchase price or additional funds provided for repairs.

Q. If the house was in good condition, was an inspection really necessary?

A: Certainly. Now you will be able to finish your home purchase with a full understanding of the home’s condition as well as the present state of all its systems and equipment. You can also keep the report for future reference.

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