tampa termite inspectionOnce you decide to buy a house, there are some necessary costs, such as lawyer and realtor fees, and the total of these expenses may compel you looking for ways to save some money elsewhere. You may want to skip Tampa termite inspection, but there are ten good reasons why you should get one.


A Tampa termite inspection can easily detect safety issues such as termites, and recommend steps to eliminate them along with estimated costs. A home inspection service will also check for issues like carbon monoxide, radon, and mold. Make sure your contract states that these hazards should be detected so that you have an option to cancel your offer to buy.


The home inspection cost is nothing if you’re purchasing a short sale or “as-is” foreclosed property. Dwellings that have been boarded may develop mold issues, which pose health issues and are costly to remedy. In some cases, homeowners may remove outdoor compressors or copper plumbing lines to sell copper to recyclers for some money.

It Provides an “Out”

With a quality home inspection, you can expect critical information about the exact condition of a home and its systems. You will get an idea on what repairs, costs, and maintenance the home may require immediately, and over time. If you’re not satisfied with the home inspection, you get one last opportunity to back out of the offer to buy.

Reveal Illegal Installations or Additions

A Tampa home inspection can also reveal whether altered garages, basements, or rooms were completed without a requisite permit, or did not follow the area code. If a home has many illegal additions, it will affect usability, taxes, insurance, and most of all the overall value. Every home (even new ones) where systems have not been installed to code can become new homeowner’s financial “issues” to fix.

Melissa, Dan and the entire SEC inspection team are amazing. They completed my request for a full inspection in 2 days and even had the report to me the same evening. Dan is extremely detailed and his experience shows through his thoroughness. The wind mitigation inspection they recommended even saved me hundreds off of my insurance. I highly recommend you refer them to all your friends and real estate professionals! – Review of SEC Inspection Services By Michael Ludwig

Effective Negotiating Tool

A thorough home inspection cost provides you an opportunity to request a price reduction and/or ask for repairs or credit from the seller. You should work with your realtor to understand the requests that should be made to negotiate a better deal.

Determine all “Deal-Breakers”

A home inspection can help you in identifying the exact amount of funds you will have to spend to take the house to a condition that is personally acceptable. If you’re don’t want to repair some issues like cracked ceilings, walls, or faulty gutters, perhaps you’re not ready to end your home buying search.

Forecast Future Costs

A home inspection can approximate the installation age of a major system in the house like heating, plumbing, and cooling, and important equipment such as water heaters. They can easily diagnose the present condition of the structure itself and can tell exactly how long finishes have been in the house. Every component has a “shelf-life”. Understanding when it needs replacement will help in making vital budgeting decisions, and will also determine the kind of insurance coverage you should consider.

Tampa Home Insurance

Many insurance companies will never insure a house without the presence of certifications like four-point inspections and Wind Mitigation, or if certain other conditions are found. Qualified Tampa home inspectors can easily do all these things at the same time as other services they provide and save your time and money in the long run.

You should do everything possible to understand as many details as possible about the property you’re interested in buying. Tampa home buyer inspections will reveal the inner workings of any property, allowing you to be informed of perks and pitfalls the home has to offer.

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