How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

If you are buying or selling a home, either party typically prefers a home inspection. The inspector will be looking for any safety, function, or structural issues of the house. Although a home inspection is not required, it can prove beneficial if you want a smooth buying or selling process.


The home inspection gives the seller ample time to fix or address issues before listing the property on the market. It can also reassure the buyers that there should be no unpleasant surprises after they purchase the home. For homebuyers, buying a home is not an inexpensive investment. The home inspection can help buyers know the home’s condition and its impact on their financial future.    


Now, how long does it take?


The amount of time spent in a home inspection can vary from one house to another. Many factors can affect the home inspection duration, including the size, the age, and the overall condition of the property. Usually, the home inspection can take 2-4 hours, from start to finish. Smaller homes may take less time to complete, and older homes may take longer.


The home inspector will examine the property, inside and out, looking for safety, function, and structure. He will check the major systems; electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, as well as the foundation, roof, attic, siding, decks, porches, and garage. The inspector will also check the appliances, interior fixtures, circuit breakers, plumbing, electrical, and looking for all issues.


After the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive inspection report detailing the inspection findings. In most cases, standard home inspections do not include mold inspections, but the inspector may document an indication of issues like mold in the report. Mold is usually a specific issue that requires a separate check. A termite inspection is also not required but is hugely beneficial when performed.


Why Call for a Home Inspection in Tampa, FL?


As a seller, an inspected home can prove highly advantageous in a competitive market since prospective buyers are more confident in purchasing your home. Doing the inspection early on gives you more time to deal with needed repairs and who to hire. You wouldn’t want to rush on repairs as this could substantially increase your chances of choosing the wrong contractor or spending too much on one.


For prospective buyers, home buying may be the largest single purchase you will ever make. One significant benefit of a home inspection is that you will likely save a large amount of money down the road. How? The home inspection cost would be taken care of if you save, let’s say $1,500 on safety hazards that the seller can handle before purchasing the property. It’s only a small fraction of the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and you can save from unpleasant surprises upon moving in. A home inspection is also a useful tool for mapping out plans on future upgrades after you purchase it. Although there may be problems that the seller is not required to settle, you’ll be prepared to handle them instead of being surprised when they fail.


Quick Tips


If you are the seller:
  • Make sure the home is tidy.
  • Be prepared and have everything ready at least 15 minutes before the home inspector arrives.
  • Keep the utilities open.
  • Keep your pets out of the home during the inspection.
  • Prepare all documents of previous renovations and repairs.


If you are the buyer:
  • Ask the inspector all the questions you want to ask. The inspector will provide a detailed report at the end of the inspection. Do not hesitate to ask.
  • It is best that you only observe and follow through. Do not touch anything inside the home.


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